Ethiopia Haru Blend

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Ethiopia Haru Blend

Producer: Haru Washing Station, Yirgacheffe.
 WashedHoney, Natural
Local Heirloom varietals
Notes: Gooseberry, Lime



Cupping notes

Complex, light, and crisp with the floral bouquet you’d expect over fresh gooseberries and Lime.


Experience three coffees from The Hafursa Haru washing station is located close to Yirgacheffe town, Ethiopia. With Ethiopia being the genetic and spiritual home of coffee, the varieties harvested for this collection are heirlooms - original unmodified descendent of the first coffee arabica species. The manner in which these coffees are processed after harvest has a huge impact on flavour; here's what goes on:

Washed Process - Coffee cherries are mechanically pulped to remove the flesh from the bean, then the beans are soaked in water for anywhere between 18 and 36 hours to ferment the remaining sticky pulp away from the bean. The coffee is then air dried on patios for several days until it reaches the correct moisture level. Typically you can expect clean, delicate flavours with subtle to bright acidity.

Honey Process - Cherries are pulped as in washed process but instead of being fermented in water the beans are left with their sugary mucilage layer intact for a number of days until the desired sweetness is achieved. Expect more ripeness, less subtlety and more body.

Natural Process - The whole cherry is left intact to fully dry on the patio, over-ripening like a raisin transferring all that highly developed sugar flavour into the coffee bean. Typically you can expect heavy body and very sweet fruit, at the expense of some subtlety. 

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