Shalaitu / Origin : Ethiopia

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Shalaitu / Origin : Ethiopia

Producer: Dumerso washing station, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Natural, sun-dried.
Local Heirloom varietals
Notes: Juicy tropical fruit, strawberry, blueberry

Natural process Yirgacheffe. 3 words which will instantly put a smile on my face as I remember the first coffee which truly blew me away and made me want to explore every possibility that coffee had to offer. Yirgacheffe region continues to produce elegant high grown coffees which set the benchmark which so many coffees across the world are judged by, and this beautiful lot from Dumerso washing station is one of the best I have tasted for several seasons; it has the archetypal bold, ripe sweet blueberry tones so desirable in this type of coffee, backed up by a juicy tropical fruit finish to add complexity.

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