Kenya Kigutha AA Estate

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Kenya Kigutha AA Estate

Producer: Mukangu Coffee Factory, Kirinyaga
Process: Washed
notes: Blackcurrant, Black Cherry, Orange, Elderflower, muscavado sugar


Kigutha Estate coffee is a high grown top quality coffee from the slopes of the famous Aberdare mountain range, close to Kiambu town, north of Nairobi. The annual production of the farm produces roughly 60% AA and 35% AB each year, with a small amount of under grade sold separately.

Blue grass is grown in between the lines of coffee to reduce water loss and soil erosion, with rainwater collected from the processing unit and sent to the nearby run off collection dam, home to government protected hippopotamus. A number of differing trees are grown in the nursery to form shade cover which helped the farm gain RFA status back in 2009. Shade grown coffee is uncommon in Kenya and the bird life benefits greatly from a differing height of tree cover.

In the true Kenyan style, cherry is picked, washed and fermented before undergoing a soaking -an additional 24 hours under clean water that allows amino acids to build, and is attributed to giving the clarity of flavour and syrupy body we have come to know and love. The beans are then sun dried on raised beds until ready for dry milling and exporting.


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