Javier Canacue El Mirador Washed Geisha Colombia

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Javier Canacue El Mirador Washed Geisha Colombia

Producer: Javier Canacue, El Mirador
Varietals: Geisha

 Notes: Pineapple, apricot, candy

Javier Canacue is a member of ASOPEP and lives on his 8 hectare farm with wife Maria and their seven children. The farm was been handed down from to the couple through Marias family 25 years ago.


They contribute to the main ASOPEP lots as well as their speciality program which can earn them a premium of up to $2.80 per kg on top of the normal price.

Geisha is one of the most sought after varietals in the coffee world. It is a hybrid variety of the Arabica plant family and often obtains very high cupping scores. Geisha is not an easy plant to cultivate. It requires a certain altitude, photosynthesis is not as efficient, and you have to pick a perfect time to harvest the beans.

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