Ethiopia Derikocha Washed Process

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Ethiopia Derikocha Washed Process
Producer: Derikocha washing station in Hambelawamena
Process: Washed
Varietals:  Heriloom        
Tasting notes: Blueberry, blackberry, fig jam, apricot, candyfloss, floral


In Derikidame, and the surrounds of the Derikocha washing station in Hambelawamena, West Guji, are 650 smallholder farmers contributing to this lot. Their 2 hectare farms (on average) consist of selections each has made from the heirloom varietals endemic to the region, grown under shade and plucked, cherry-red ripe, before being delivered to the care of owner-operator Ashenafi Woressa.

This is a scene common across much of the land where coffee production has it’s roots in small coffee gardens tended by farmers. Selections can vary for a number of reasons, taste, yield, height or more, and in this area, it is not uncommon to find slightly smaller bean sizes.


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