Colombia Tolima ASOPEP

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Colombia Tolima ASOPEP

Producer: ASOPEP
Fully washed
Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Typica
notes: Apple, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Chocolate, Citrus Fruit 

ASOPEP – Association of Organic Producers of Planadas – was born as a response to the need to organize a way of interacting among the 167 members of an association with several objectives: to market their own coffee production, to form their own form of government and to design their own farm conservation model to guarantee resources to future generations. There are now nearly 320 families involved.

The association have focused projects such as providing schools for further training on coffee – both agronomical and for barista skills –  vital to maintain the next generation’s interest in coffee, and medical care. The Fairtrade premiums they have earned were used to open an agroindustrial park for better warehousing facilities and the provision of farm tools, drying space for coffee and cocoa and training facilities too.

Initial fermentation is done without water to reduce the negative impact to the environment, and the time for this coffee ranges between 16 and 18 hours. After fermentation time, coffee is fully washed in order to remove the mucilage.

Once coffee has been washed, is dried using a mix of sunlight and silo, and during the day is stirred several times for uniform drying, so the integrity of the embryo is preserved. Most producers prefer sun – dried coffee, in patios, afican beds and marquee; a small percentage prefer drying in silos.


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