Colombia Cundinamarca Viani

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Colombia Cundinamarca Viani

Producer: Racafe
Fully washed
Castillo, Colombia
notes: Chocolate, Berries

Vianí is a municipality located in Cundinamarca department in a region called Central Magdalena Province given that Magdalena river (which is the principal river of Colombia) runs through this area. The territory used to be occupied by the indigenous tribe “Buitimas” in the pre-Columbian period. It has been said that the name Vianí comes from the language of this tribe meaning “golden summit”.

Vianí enjoys a favorable location because it has all the thermal floors: warm, temperate and cold, which offers great possibilities in terms of agricultural production diversification and of land use in general.

The name of the department: Cundinamarca comes from the terms kuntur, kundur, cundur or condor of Quechua language, all of which refer to the Andean Condor. The suffix “marca” means region in the same Quechua language. The department is located in the eastern Andean mountain range that penetrates by the south forming the complex of Sumapaz and Cruz de Verde Paramos; it presents high plateaus, valleys and planes that correspond to Magdalena Valley and to some part of Llanos Orientales.

Due to the many microclimates and changing weather patterns, there is often fresh coffee cropping throughout the year, though generally this is split across the main and mitaca (or ‘fly’) crops. Global warming has seen a significant change across Colombia, bringing challenges to some areas and opportunities to others. Earthquakes and landslides have featured in the coffee areas, but the commitment to quality there remains high.

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