Brazil Daterra Espresso Collection

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Brazil Daterra Espresso Collection
Brazil Daterra Espresso Collection

Producer: Daterra Farm 
Process: Natural, Pulped Natural, Pulped Raisin
notes: Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Sweet

By cupping all the variables, the tasting team are able to precisely pick the components that make up each blend, to ensure the consistency of the flavour profile required. The varietals can vary slightly, as selection is done on flavour profile rather than by varietal type, which for Espresso Collection means berry, blackcurrant, and pecan over a heavy body. Beans are size, density and electronic pentachromatically sorted and packed in to 24.2kg Penta Boxes, which are a packaging system created by Daterra themselves in order to preserve the quality of green for as long as possible.

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